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Hello. I am Samim
I am a compassionate alien & thinker. Game, Web, Music & Machine Learning Researcher. A Code magician and Narrative engineer. I use tactical storytelling to deliver transformative narratives across mediums and technologies.

I am available for exciting things. Let's talk. I bring a holistic view to projects and deliver results rapidly. Together with my extended network, i am able to meet the needs of even the most complex assigments.


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Recent Projects

A always outdated selection of projects


GitXiv is a space for Collaborative Open Computer Science projects. Countless Github and arXiv links are floating around the web. Its hard to keep track of these gems. GitXiv attempts to solve this problem by offering a collaboratively curated feed of projects. Each project is conveniently presented as arXiv + Github + Links + Discussion.
LINK  GitXiv.com | Blog post
TASK Research Strategy Development Narrative Engineering

Independent Machine Learning Research

Machine Learning Research, conducted mainly through public experiments. Focus on generative systems, creativeAI and Interactive ML.
LINK  Medium.com/@samim/
TASK Research Development Narrative Engineering

Un plug

Un plug is a hardware solution that sniffs the air for wireless signatures from a select family of target devices connected to networks and disconnects them, breaking network functionality and thus any images or video streamed from their cameras.
LINK  Unplug
TASK Co-Founder Narrative Engineering Strategy Development

Arte Future Play

Arte Future Play is a web-platform and game experience. The goal was to promote interest in science to a broad audience. The Platform playfully educates users on science through an viral blog and exiting multiplayer science battle quiz.
LINK  Arte Future Play
TASK Consulting Art Direction Development Lead Project Management

Arte Profiler

Profiler is a documentary game experience, developed for the pan-european TV-Station ARTE. It playfully explores the dark world of digital forensics and profiling. The project is part of a cross-media event including a TV-Documentary and radio specials.
LINK  Arte Profiler
TASK Consulting Narrative Engineering Development Lead Project Management


MokMok is a musical game experience, set in a visually stunning, bizzare world inhabited by Mok's - living musical instruments. Use creative tools to compose music with your friends in realtime and immerse yourself in a synesthetic adventure.
LINK  Mokmok.com
TASK Game Design Development Lead Project Management Music Production


Hyperboring is a space for realtime sharing. Add content to an infinite canvas and see other people add, edit and move stuff in realtime. Collaborate & chat with friends. "Multiuser photoshop on acid, addictive!" - the orb
LINK  Hyperboring.com
TASK Art Direction Development Lead Community Design Corporate identity

Skoda Icebreaker

Skoda (Volkswagen Group) aim was to connect ice-hockey with their brand through a playful, engaging narrative. Icebreaker is a web game experience, that let's players discover hidden cars and win realworld prices.
LINK  Icebreaker.skoda.ch
TASK Consulting Art Direction Development Lead
Recent Media

A selection of recent media