The interactive evolutionary algorithm in Nintendo Wii Mii Creator: 

#ML #Evolution #Generative #HCI

"The Nintendo Wii Mii Creator application works either by manual editing of face and body features, or by an interactive evolutionary algorithm (Takagi, 2001, "Interactive Evolutionary Computation: Fusion of the Capabilities of {EC} Optimization and Human Evaluation"; Dawkins, 1986, "The Blind Watchmaker)), shown here. The evolutionary algorithm is accessed by choosing "Start from a lookalike". The user is presented with a large random population of faces, and chooses a favourite from them. A new (smaller) population of faces is created by the system, by mutating the current face (random changes to the face's features). Then the user chooses again, and this process loops. Gradually the user explores "face space" (Caldwell and Johnston, 1991, "Tracking a criminal suspect through face-space with a genetic algorithm") and hopefully finds the desired face."