Collection of Generative Video Editing Projects:

Dividation – Generative Music Video Editing (2015):

Computational Video Editing for Dialogue-Driven Scenes (2017):

Magisto - Smart Video Editor & Maker (2018):

Kaffeine: Smart Video Editing using Machine Learning (2017):

Adobe SceneStitch (2017):

Flo - Intelligent Camera & AI Movie Maker (2018):

Lumen5 - Transform articles into videos in minutes (2018):

Klap - AI for automatic best moments detection (2018):

MovieGene: Evolutionary Video Production based on Genetic Algorithms (2007):

Creating video art with evolutionary algorithms (2007):

NN assisted similar-movie-scene finding - by @quasimondo

Synopsis - Video metadata analysis and transcoding tools for artists, archival & retrieval, discovery, editorial and performance. Powered by OpenCV & TensorFlow. By @_vade

Videogrep: Automatic Supercuts with Python:

Neural network for video editing (patent, 2014):

Automated video editing will very soon be ‘good enough’ (2017):

Unethical growth hacks: A look into the growing Youtube news bot epidemic (2018):

videdit - A Deep Learning based automatic video editor:

What Happens When You Let Machines Edit All of Your Videos?:

I’m Worried About The Future of Editing:

Case study of generative editing audiovisual project (2016):

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