"Asshollery of a very refined form"

This is the start of an infrequent series of posts entitled "Asshollery of a very refined form" (thanks to @vakibs for the name). It is a very special award for very special behaviour. The first post is dedicated to Google who thoroughly deserved it.

Google Internal "Selfish ledger" video leaked, describing its vision for planetary scale "Behavioural Sequencing" and Social Engineering. 

OK Google: Where I reside (Berlin), the vision you are outlining in this video (and its logical conclusions) are historically well known: It is called Eugenics - that  ultimate leads to GenocideIn your case, all in the name of some super intelligence that - as the video points out multiple time - might emerge sometime soon and might be better at organising human affairs. This is a totally tone deaf, arrogant, totalitarian and deeply anti-democratic vision, built on-top of a very distorted view of humanity, society & culture.  The Video is 8.30m long and not even once is the word "privacy" uttered. This video not only outlines an extremely dangerous agenda, but as well is Asshollery of a very refined form.

Google Removes 'Don't Be Evil' Clause From Its Code of Conduct:

OK Google: Congrats for having the dignity of finally removing this, after just weeks ago announcing you want to collaborate with the Department of Defence to build the AI for its drone killing programme (they are probably collaborating for many years silently). Well done, very post-modern of you and truly Asshollery of a very refined form.

This brings this episode of "Asshollery of a very refined form" to a conclusion. Until next time!

Image from Darpa's "Total Information Awareness" programme in the 1990s, a precursor to Google.