"Xi Jinping calls for China to become world leader in science, technology": "Do not let scientists be bound by red tape": 

#Prediction: China will replace its drive for technocratic leadership, with eco-leadership in the next 10y.

The second largest economy in the world calling for total deregulation of science & technology in times of climate change. What could possibly go wrong?

@vakibs asks:  Are you really that hopeful? They are cutting edge in how to abuse face recognition. A part of me hopes for China to realize its Daoist heritage. But I am really not convinced by the current leadership. It will most likely push for mass surveillance and not ecological health.
My answer: I am very much this hopeful, for hope is powerful I do not say such things out of blind/dumb idealism or self-deception - but realistically see our path going from geo-politics to eco-politics, as a matter of naked survival. It won't be utopia, more Gaia. While I don't fully agree with the visions & conclusions of thinkers like Latour or Rifkin, they are at least soberly and cunningly discussing the coming politics of Gaia. The notion is right and we ought to do the same:
@prepaid_africa responds: Plus, ironically, comparative and competitive advantage. I once wrote a whole article tracing how the EU regs were forcing sustainable & eco friendly changes in industry sectors
My answer: exactly, a "competitive advantage" - a notion which itself is being eclipsed by more complex and dynamic model (see Actor–network theory etc). Plus it is time to say this clearly: The fairies, ents and river spirits are waking up & demanding from us to dance to a different beat.

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