Does AI Art Belong in the Physical, Digital, or Crypto World?

Interesting piece on the merger of A.I, Art & Crypto. Question: Is "AI CryptoArt" the most energy intensive art-form ever invented? e.g. very energy hungry GPUs to generate images, perversely energy hungry crypto-nets to trade those images. cc @quasimondo @DrBeef_
Going back to practical questions: In times of (climate) crisis, Art & Design are tremendously powerful communication tools which can reach places politics simply can't. Dadaism or Bauhaus are nice examples. It's time for a global cultural wildfire for sanity.
I see artists as part of the vanguard of society and wonder if new, super energy/resource intensive art-forms are the right symbol for now. I see "EcoAIArt" not only a fun challenge, but as a moral imperative & survival tool

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