The Rise of AI - 1h documentary by @bloomberg

Geoffrey Hinton - as an elderly man, teenager and young child.

"Of course there are some risks in using this tech for bad applications. But unfortunately, it is not possible to stop technology. So the ethical path we have decided is to release it & make people more cautious" - Dev of voice cloning app @LyrebirdAi on ethics & techno-determinism
"Eventually i think we will become the AI's. We will become intelligent machines. You might think of it as creating a new generation, a new kind of people. Humanity has continued to evolve & why would enhanced people or even designed people not be the next step?" - Richard Sutton

Comment: Hearing people talk about "enhanced & designed humans" (in the context of AI, genetics or elsewhere) always brings up very dark associations: Given the historical context, think it is only right to be extremely careful with such aspirations & wordings.

"It's really hard to predict the future. I think there will be all sorts of things happening we did not except. But there is one thing we can predict: This technology is going to change everything" - Geoffrey Hinton's paradoxical end of documentary statement on A.I

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