"From Sustainability through Regeneration: Whole and Living System Design" - by Bill Reed:

"The biggest leverage points (to deal with climate change) are hope and love - not guilt. So how do we fall in love? We date someone. So let's start dating nature. That which we are in love with we take care of."  - Bill Reed
"Life is a process of becoming." - Bill Reed
 "Now is the time for us to grow, not just ever-larger and ever-more-consuming, but ever more intelligent, more creative, and more conscious. We are headed into the future. Are you coming with us?" - Bill Reed
"The process to engage people in a community around that which they love or care for."  - Bill Reed

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"How do we produce buildings that are not bad for the enviroment, but are good for the envorment? Why can't we do these things, that nature does?"
- Jason McLennan

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