@vakibs tweets: "Who is interested in planting trees ? And growing gardens ? And welcoming wild life to settle down, so that in 100 years time, we can build a forest that can save our planet ? 

To which someone replied: "I know that it was a rhetorical question but i thought that a real answer will do more justice to the question."

@vakibs: It is not a rhetorical question. I am asking for people: Who is interested in building a longterm computing culture? Please learn from the history of AI (both artificial intelligence & augmented intelligence), know who else is working on these projects, and team up for 100 years"
My reply: "Who is interested in building a long-term computing culture?" ← good question. Who is interested in building a regenerative global culture, where computing is used in service life, and not the other way around?

#FFHCI #Regenerative #ClimateChange