Psychology and the Ecological Crisis - talk by Brigitte Egger, ecologist (Dr.sc.nat.ETH): 

Facing the ecological crisis, radical change is crucial. Hence we must put the psyche at centre stage––for that the outer ecological crisis has its roots and solutions in the way we think and act, that is, the inner human psyche. Join us for this unique event to explore the science of psychecology, an attempt to adapt the knowledge of the mind to the most pressing problem of today.

Facilitated by Brigitte Egger, ecologist (Dr.sc.nat.ETH) and a Jungian training and supervising analyst at ISAP, with a private practice in Zürich. Brigitte explores the psychic and symbolic dimensions of collective issues and works at introducing this dimension into practical environment protection, thus building up the field of psychecology. She is interested in creativity at large and in lively ways to communicate depth psychological insights.

#Regenerative #ClimateChange #Nature