With every layer of abstraction we stack on-top of reality in the name of convenience, the experiential quality of reality tends to diminish. Or as Marshal McLuhan observed 50y ago "Augmentation leads to Amputation".

Promoted by my remarks on twitter: "I'm amazed how popular "Moving Atoms via Bits" has become in the US. Everyone seems to constantly Order Food (Doordash), Order Cars (Uber), Order Stuff (Amazon), even Order Sex (Tinder) - all payed cashless (Paypal). The resulting reduction of human contact & experience is radical."

Question from twitter: "What if the digital encounters create more opportunities for physical/in person contacts & experiences?"

Answer from Vakibs: Unless the contact with the same person repeats itself in a regular and predictable manner, it doesn’t help at all. The whole point of the virtualization services is that they abstractify the human out. What remains is just a shell, that can be fit on top of anybody.

A succinct summary of our glorious digital services economy

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