"You know enough to know what's not true, but you can't necessarily connect all of the dots to know what is true" - Richard Thieme at DEF CON 22 recalling a conversation with a friend from NSA
"Fancy computer models and convoluted technical language about War: Organisations like Google, Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft - their technical language is an obfuscation. As what they create is woven into everyday life - the devices & systems shed their tool-like qualities & become part of our very humanity" - Richard Thieme
"With the explosion of discoveries in the area of neurosciences will come individuals, political entities and countries that will exploit those findings for nefarious purposes. In the health sciences the enchantment market is growing offshore and is often hidden. Customers do not posses a diagnosable neurological disorder but they are seeking some cognitive performance advantages or want to prevent a probable decline. And in the performance degradation arena, advantages that intersect our core values as scientists and physicians are joined and challenged in new ways." - Christopher Green - Chief of biomedical & Life science division of CIA.

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