Recent Papers by Serge Kernbach et.al: http://cybertronica.de.com/

Replication experiment on distant influence on biological organisms conducted in 1986 - by Serge Kernbach: http://www.unconv-science.org/pdf/e2/kernbach2-en.pdf

Abstract: The paper describes a replication experiment on nonlocal impact on a biological organism – the plant dracaena – by technical means at a distance of about 3km. The initial experiment was conducted by the Akimov’s group in 1986 under the supervision of the KGB of the USSR and published in 2001. This work analyses a possible biological orientation of the initial experiment and some potential conclusions that were not mentioned in the open press of that time. The disturbance of biological rhythms by long-term nonlocal impact and possible neurological manifestations, as in the incidents in Moscow in 1991 and in Cuba in 2017, are discussed.

External Qi and Torsion Field (高鹏, Serge Kernbach, 外气与挠场), Somatic Science Conference (devoted to Xuesen Qian), China, 2018: 

Abstract: The Somatic Science contains the Qigong, the Chinese traditional medicine and the Superfunction of human body. Qian Xuesen thinks the Qigong is a very important part, and the external Qi is a very important part in the science of Qigong. Through the research in recent decades in China and abroad, it can make sure the objective existance of external Qi and many applications are developped, for example Qigong Master can heal the patients remotely, microorganisms treatment by the external Qi of Qigong Master and so on. But what is the nature of external Qi? It causes many researchers to try to find the answer. In this work, authors compare some experiments made by external Qi and torsion field, and find that they are very similar in two properties: the non-local effect the “high-penetrating” effect. So authors consider preliminarily that the nature of the external Qi maybe the torsion field, and provide some experimental evidence.

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