International Space Station Camera Captures Cone-Shaped UFO Escaping Earth (ibtimes)

A UFO expert reported that a UFO leaving Earth was captured by one of the cameras mounted on the International Space Station (ISS). The expert claimed that the UFO’s departure might be related to the spread of COVID-19 on Earth. The UFO sighting was made by Scott Waring of ET Data Base. He came across the video while viewing the live feed from the ISS.

NASA recorded a giant "thing" infront of the sun (NASA)

Stereo A, NASA camera which films the sun, captured a circular UFO (right side of screen). The unidentified object appears to shoot or eject something? Left side of screen is Mercury and Venus. Official explanation is: "PLASTIC suffered a high voltage anomaly on December 5. The instrument is in the process of being recovered to full operating mode, which is expected to take several days. Until this process is completed, PLASTIC data should be considered as untrustworthy. "

Space Force Just Received Its First New Offensive Weapon (The Drive)

U.S. Space Force has begun operating a new offensive weapon system, an upgraded version of a ground-based satellite communications jamming system, for the first time in its short history. The first iteration of the Counter Communications System entered U.S. Air Force service in 2004 and the program has now gotten transferred to the newest branch of the American military.