The Application of Cognitive Science in Military Science - A Narrative Review - by Khodabakhsh Ahmadi, Nasirudin Javidi (Journal of Military Medicine January 2020)

Science that have contributed to the birth of cognitive scienceĀ 

Abstract: The current review aims to explore the applications of cognitive science in military science to answer the question of what cognitive science is currently used in the military. Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary and scientific study of the mind and its processes that examines the structure, process, and cognitive functioning of the mind. The main subcategories of cognitive science are cognitive modeling, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive linguistics, philosophy of mind and artificial intelligence.

The applications of cognitive science in the military field are examined at two levels: first, at the level of human resources, and second, at the level of military equipment. At the level of human resources, increasing the energy efficiency of the soldiers' bodies and increasing the hours of continuous activity, increasing the speed of repairing war injuries, increased wakefulness, reduced fear and pain sensation in the nervous system, control of mind and behavior, night vision technology, the full integration of technology with the nervous system, the bolt project (eliminating the limitations Language differences), developing DNA diagnosis system, humanoid robots, hunter robots, transfer robots, Peteman Human Beatles, Nanobut Robots, Body Refactoring Project and Artificial Eye Project.

The use of cognitive sciences in the field of military equipment includes: cognitive weapons, auxiliary skeleton, health trackers, cyber-insects, Exacto project, Heldes project, Earth project, Alpha-Doug project, one-Shot project, Z-Man project, Vulture project Stratospheric airship, UFP project and bird robot in Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa).Cognitive science plays a crucial role in the development of military science and technology, both in the field of manpower and in the field ofmilitary equipment. Therefore, more research is needed on how to expand this science. We hope to see more growth and prosperity in the Armed Forces.

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