pop_os! is boring - and that is a truly fantastic thing!

Been running Pop_OS! as my daily driver for over a year now, and my experience has been truly great. Thinking about what makes my experience great i dawned on me, that it's cause pop_os! is "boring". Let me explain what i mean by this:

  • - there are no crashes and hardly any bugs - the OS is reliable, dependable & performant.
  • - there are no viruses & exploits (at least compared to windows)
  • - there is no spyware or OS manufacturer nastiness (telemetry etc.)
  • - there are hardly any wild design inconsistencies (OSX/Win legacy mess)
  • - keeping the OS updated is extremely easy and reliable (compared to "win update" hell)
  • - customizing the OS to do what ever you want is super easy and powerful.
  • - even though the OS allows for customization, it works super smooth with out any of them.
  • - there are no commercial interests, which jeopardize the OS (win/osx app stores)
  • - etc. etc. etc.

In summary: Pop "just works" so well on all levels, that it makes desktop computing feel "boring". It allows me to forget about the OS completely and focus exclusively on my apps and tasks. And this is a truly fantastic, almost magical thing!

#OS #Design