First ever observation of 'time crystals' interacting

The discovery, published in Nature Materials, may lead to applications in quantum information processing because time crystals automatically remain intact—coherent—in varying conditions. Protecting coherence is the main difficulty hindering the development of powerful quantum computers.

Time Crystals May Be the Next Major Leap in Quantum Network Research

Time crystals sound like something out of science fiction, but they may be the next major leap in quantum network research. A team based in Japan has proposed a method to use time crystals to simulate massive networks with very little computing power.

Melting Time Crystals Could Help Us Model Complex Networks Like The Human Brain

A team of researchers from institutions across Japan has shown the quantum underpinnings of particles arranged as a time crystal could in theory be used to represent some fairly complex networks, from the human brain to the internet, as it breaks down.

Time crystals interact for the first time! But what are they?!

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