Pingshuai Gong

There are many Qi Gong exercises in the world. They are all good for people's health. Many of them have too many steps and difficult to learn. They need to take time to do it right. Some of them are easy to learn. But we wonder those simple exercises can help our body that much. As a result, most people will give up the exercise because of difficulty or faithless.

Ping Shuai Gong is one of the simple exercises. It comes from Master Feng-Shan Li, the founder of Mei-Men Qi-Gong Center, in Taiwan. Some cancer patients heal their bodies simply by exercising the Ping Shuai Gong. Because of getting more witnesses, Ping Shuai Gong populates very quickly in Taiwan and then have extended to more than 44 countries today.

We just need to exercise 10 minutes at a time and 3 times a day, if we want to keep healthy. For people who want to recover from severe illness, then they need to increase to 30 minutes at a time. Ping Shuai Gong is very easy to learn. It doesn't need too much time a day. It's not difficult for people to persist in exercising the Ping Shuai Gong every day.

When exercising Ping Shuai Gong, we need to pay attention to the body's balance with a smiling face. The upper body should maintain straight. After swinging arms 4 times, then bend the knees and then spring up the knees. If you don't have healthy knees, then just bend a little bit or sit on a bench or a chair. We need to swing arms softly and slowly to relax our body and mind. After exercising, close eyes, take a deep breathe and adjust it.

Ping Shuai Gong is very simple in actions. But to train our mind to focus is a challenge.