Afghanistan bids you bon voyage

Photo 1: US military helicopters begin evacuation from American Embassy in Kabul-Afghanistan on 15 August 2021. Photo 2: US military helicopters evacuating the American Embassy in Saigon-South Vietnam in April-1975.

The Soviet Union collapsed only two years after its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Heroin trade is colossal: one gram of pure heroin selling at $902 is equivalent to almost a million US dollars a kilo ($902,000)


 6 Questions we NEED to ask about Afghanistan - So, what’s REALLY going on? Is the apparent Taliban “victory” masking the true narrative? (off-guardian)

Everyone who started the war in Afghanistan, won the war in Afghanistan:

Many on this list would say it worked out exactly as intended.

Afghanistan from a military perspective:

"When your CIA handler texts you the wrong address.


Fascinating numbers from Andrew Tyndall:
From 2015 through 2019 this is how many minutes network news covered Afghanistan:

  • ABC: 16
  • CBS: 25
  • NBC: 16
less than on hour of coverage, total, over five years

"Give War a Chance"

A Marine Corps veteran sharing publicly on Instagram what many others are thinking today:

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