Covidpass Stockholm Syndrome

I had a friend whom I've known for over a decade, explain to me yesterday over video-chat how the "Covidpass" ("green"pass/digital certificates) are really "no big deal at all" and even "actually a great thing". I sat silently and just listed. He remarked that the only real annoying thing is, that his Covidpass app does not automatically check him out of places when he leaves and forgets to press the "check out" button. The entire situation left me bit baffled.

Such people will have an extra rude awaking, once the new "(in)security architecture" is fully in place: Geo-fencing everywhere, mandatory highly centralized digital currencies (CBDC's) that can be arbitrarily "switched off" if you "don't behave" or have a low "social credit score", pervasive biometric control systems (face recognition, etc.) and increasingly everything managed with/by highly in-transparent automated systems, such as robots guided by predictive policing algorithms. This new "(in)security architecture" is now in plane sight and its implementation is accelerating quickly. Yet the accompanying full-spectrum propaganda ("mind control") seems to be so effective, that many people think/feel it is "not a big deal" and even are welcoming it as a "convenient innovation". A clear case of "Stockholm Syndrome" and "Learned Helplessness".

#InfoSec #Military #Cryptocracy