“Sea Swaying” - a Qigong exercise that can be practiced daily, both in the morning and evening.

  1. Sit relaxed on the floor, chair or bed. Rest your hands on your knees, with thumbs pressing lightly on your “xue hai” acupoints at the interior of your knees. Rest your other fingers on your knees.
  2. Bend your body forward slowly, making sure your buttocks remain in contact with the surface. Do not lift your body
  3. With your body bent forward, move slowly in a circular motion anti-clockwise, using your “hui ying” acupoint at your buttock area as the pivot point of contact with the surface.
  4. After swaying in a circular motion 9 times anti-clockwise, repeat 9 times clockwise. When the circle is drawn to the back, tuck in your abdomen as much as possible and do likewise with your chin.
  5. Finally, return your body to the upright sitting position and take a few deep breaths.

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Most people have time only in the mornings or evenings. Hence, you should choose an exercise that is suitable to be done in the mornings and evenings. Qigong fits the bill.

“Sea Swaying Technique” practiced in the morning catches the right timing for the opening of the Gateway to the Land (“di hu”), and also for defecation through the anus (“gang men”). The sleeping patterns of many people are in disarray, sleeping late and getting up late, resulting in a person not being fully awake, his large intestines not fully awakened, his biological clock not synchronised. However, when he starts to do “sea swaying”, it helps to regulate the biological timing of the “di hu” and resets it to its opening and closing state, thus assisting with defecation.

Morning is the best time of the day for defecation, to get rid of solid body waste from the day before, and to start the day afresh. Once the body has emptied out its defecation, breakfast tastes more delicious, as the body signals its need to supplements its nutrients. Having a meal at this time is for eating better and improved digestion, having defecated earlier, regardless of absorption, breaking down of food, or secretion of stomach acid.

The biggest benefit of practising “Sea Swaying Technique” at night is to relax the waist. Recently in Japan, the most popular theory is that the lumbar vertebrae being askew is the cause of poor sleep quality. “Sea Swaying Technique” is divided into two parts — anti-clockwise and clockwise directions. After “swaying”, minor misalignments of the lumbar spine caused by poor sitting and standing postures, too much walking and exerting too much force while walking, will be corrected. Sleep quality will improve, too.

It is a simple Qigong exercise, with no expense involved, and needing only a small space. Swaying for only a few minutes in the morning and at night is an easy way to maintain your health.

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