Do what I tell you, because complexity, okay? - by Ben Pile - A necessary take down of the horrendously brain-dead, fear-driven, bullshit psyops that is George Monbiot

Do what I tell you, because complexity, okay?

In a "complex system", the effect of an intervention might be exactly the same as a non-intervention. Conversely, an incautious intervention might be catastrophic.

But George thinks he knows.

Folk such as George are *obsessed* with "systems". They conceive of the world as a "system", which they claim to have knowledge of. But what they really want to do is systematise human life, to reflect what they believe is the greater 'system'.

In other words, it is ideology dressed as objectivity. Many have claimed to have grasped the meaning of cosmological, social or natural orders, and demanded that the world be reorganised on the basis of these systems of understanding. And tragedy followed.


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