Thinking in 140 Characters: The Internet, Neuroplasticity, and Intelligence Analysis

“Studies have shown the internet and related technologies are fundamentally changing the way people engage information, which in turn has compromised cognitive functioning in a number of important ways.”

“In the analytic segments of intelligence organizations, this phenomenon speaks directly to a—if not the—core occupational function: focused, disciplined thinking. This issue can be expected to be more pronounced among younger and newer analytic cohorts…”

“In this article, the basic concepts and science of neuroplasticity are introduced, as well as specific findings pertaining to the neuroplastic effects of internet usage. Potential implications for U.S. intelligence organizations are then explored.”

“It does not take long for the brain to show signs of physiological change after even moderate engagement with the internet and its applications.”

“One particularly worrisome finding is when in the state or habit of multi- tasking, individuals are more likely to accept conventional ideas and solutions without questioning them or considering alternatives.”

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