Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare - Book by Michael.A.Hoffman II (PDF)

Ranging from serial murders, the Kennedy assassination, the

Rebuilding of the Temple of Herod, the Moon Flights, the

Videodrome, and dozens of other occult phenomenon, the author

 builds a compelling case for his thesis that underlying much of

 what is presented to us as history, commerce, science and

politics is the secret symbolism and mind control of the

 masonic cryptocracy.


 Societies and Psychological Warfare argues that a form of subliminal psychological warfare is being waged with symbols, numbers, televised ceremonies and ritual toponomy, all intended for the transformation of human beings into beasts, commensurate with the rise of a wonder-working Beast system of modern technology, which comes very close to the operant definition of magic used by the ancient arcane societies. Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare offers a penetrating analysis of the occult system of control which seeks to enslave us, providing insights which can significantly assist anyone concerned about defending themselves and their family against the fraud and decay that are all around us in the modern world.

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