Today in the "fall of western civilization": 🤡 The Munich Security Conference CEO "old white men" lunch

🤡 Jean-Luc Brunel suicided, a commentary:

Giuffre settlement wrapped, Maxwell fix is in; the clean-up is almost done and the core network is not only untouched but ascendant, more powerful than ever. It's been educational.

 Still: if you had told me in 2002 that the networks we were tracing would become so overt that there would be a decade of headlines discussing the reality of sexual blackmail being used by transnational organized crime syndicates to compromise world leaders in every field? That it would be a matter of pull-quote public record that these networks were actively protected by US intelligence? That it would be trivial to use OSINT to connect them through Fortune 500 boardrooms and every NGO? That both Rothschilds & Rockefellers would be implicated? Nah. As bleak as it all looks, the coin is still spinning in mid-air, here in the waning days of February 2022. They're either right that none of this exposure mattered and the game is sewn up, or they mis-calculated and this is only the beginning of a decade of paranoia & pain.

🤡 WHO selects Deutsche Telekom to "standardize the issuing of QR codes" and to create a global vaccine passport.

🤡 War Propaganda by "Democracy dies in darkness" WaPo 🤡 'Russian Man Bad' - Art by Bob 🤡 More than half of the wealth of Russia's top 0.01% is held offshore

🤡 And so much more totally insane crap...

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