“We Are Witnessing Right Now the Chinafication of Europe” – Romanian MEP Cristian Terheș (Video)

"When the government knows everything about you, where you go, what you eat, where you enter, that's a tyrannical system, and we've seen the system being implemented right now."

EU digital wallet: the race is on for pilot funding, tech supremacy, hearts and minds

eIDAS 2.0 is fast approaching. By September 2023, European Union citizens will have the right to download and populate a digital identity wallet on a smart device. In less than 18 months, Europeans may no longer need physical credentials to travel, work and live anywhere else in the bloc.

'Resist!' Macron faces backlash as he launches digital ID days after French election win

Emmanuel  Macron is already sparking fresh fury across France as two days after his re-election, his government launched a new law compliant to Brussels' demands.

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