Albert Einstein: Psyops = mc² - An anecdote from a cryptocratic pet project.

"In 1929, Albert Einstein – theoretical physicist and Nobel prize winner – visited the Belgian Royal court and a friendship began between him and the Queen of the Belgians, born Elisabeth of Bavaria. They played music together. She blamed the skin flute and he was

a heckuva pianist. He played using one finger but he was known for hitting all the right notes causing his flautist to hit that high C note while curling her toes."

"Luckily for her, he did not stay away for long, and in October 1930, he came by with several others and Elisabeth enjoyed their company and even took their photos with her own little camera. They also played music for several hours, and then he unexpectedly was invited over for dinner (spinach with eggs and potatoes) which was just with the King and Queen and no staff. He wrote to his wife, “I really enjoyed my visit, and I am sure they feel the same.” During a more formal dinner at the end of the visit, he was seated next to Elisabeth.


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