The quickest way to destroy a bee hive, is to place a wireless telephone inside it.

Europe’s first UMTS network, which turned every cell phone into a computer, and every cell tower into a transmitter of broadband radiation, went into service in the fall of 2002—just before the disastrous winter during which so many of Europe’s honey bees vanished.

The international beekeeping community is extremely resistant to giving up its long-standing belief in the infectious nature of bee losses, and so, in the absence of evidence, most beekeepers are falling back on the only thing they know: more toxic pesticides to kill mites.

But the decimation of so many other insect species that are not subject to the same parasites is a strong hint that a non-infectious agent is at work. Exquisite sensitivity to electromagnetic fields has been demonstrated in a variety of insects.

Excerpts from the Book "The Invisible Rainbow": A History of Electricity and Life

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