Things science communities (machine learning, neuroscience, ecology, etc) might focus on next:

  • The nature of memory as a massively decentralized phenomenon throughout nature. With a particular focus on memory formation and dynamics in mediums like water, electromagnetic fields, ecosystems and (human) bodies.
  • The nature of unconventional computing (none silicon based, wetlands-, planetary-, universe-scale, etc.) and the capacity for awareness and agency in emergent complex networks.
  • The nature of "randomness" and serendipity in decision-making across diverse (life) forms, with a special focus on awareness, attention and intention of the (animal) observer.
  • The nature of relaxation in relation to tension - or put differently, trust/faith/flow VS control/optimization/compression.
  • The nature of love and life in relation to theories of evolution and entropy (syntropy etc.).
  • The nature of what does any of this even mean, if we embody infinity & non-linear time?

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