SHO in Neigong

Quote: The term SHO originated from ancient neigong art, it has a very specific meaning in daoist cultivation. The old daoist ancestors discover through their power that the Ren and Du channel of a fetus inside the mother's womb are connected together. When the baby is born and the umbilical cord is severed, the two channels also get disconnected. Daoist practitioners believe that if one want to get from Houtian to Xiantian (**), to reverse the aging process, Ren and Du must be reconnected again and the internal qi must be reversed back into the fetus stage. The authentic SHO is the method to reconnect the Ren and Du channel. What it means it that when the Xiantian qi is full, the Xiantian yuen qi initiate from the lower tien, then through the Hui Yin point going up inside the spine, knocking down the three gates of Wei Lu, Jia Ji and Yu Zhen, and opening up Tian Men, Tian Mu and the three fields. The Ren and Du channels reconnect and the process is automatic. Once this stage is reached, the internal qi reverse back into fetus stage and a series of natural Xiantian abilities will also appear, Internal viewing, remote viewing and the automatic movement of the internal qi. Since the authentic daoist SHO means that Xiantian qi reconnect the Ren and Du channel, and these two channels are part of the body's Eight Wondrous Channels, therefore this is also known as Channel Small Heavenly Orbit. In the Three Immortal Methods, this is the fifth stage, the "The Golden Sphere Flying up from the side".

Quote: When the houtian qi was full in the body, the xiantian qi began to be created, the yuen qi initiate from the lower tien, pass through Hui Yin then Wei Lu, Jia Ji and up to Yu Zhen. Then it came down from Tian Men, Tian Mu. The qi then went down to lower tien along the Ren channel. The cycle continues automatically. After the Channel SHO, the internal qi will be guided by Xiantian qi and automatically move around the organs, meridians and channels. Being initially restricted by the wellness of the practitioner, the automatic movement of internal qi began in part of the body where there was illness only, after the illness is cured. The internal qi can move in other parts. When the body is healed completely, the internal qi will automatically move around in all the organs, meridians and channels.

After the SHO was opened, the successful students develop different levels and kinds of abilities. Miss Wang saw a tree when she closed her eyes and meditate. Later she found the exact tree in the Taiyuan park, she had never been there before; Mr. He developed see-through power and ; Miss Ye could see her own bones, meridians and points; Mr. Zhou could see his own bones too; Miss Liu developed automatic daoyin and Nu Dan movements. Every student agreed that, opening the Channel SHO required confidence, endurance, sweats, pain and patience. Everyone is equal in front of it, it doesn't depend on external factors. There is only one way to do it, students must have strong faith and confidence, careful study the theory and follow the instructor's direction precisely.

Quote: An old gentleman opened his SHO with the help of Master Wang. This old gentleman was a headmaster of a school and he enjoys Zhouyi. Due to an accident, half of his body became paralyzed. The old man's son knew Master Wang and so he introduced his father to him and that's how he first attended a Master Wang's seminar. The old man was an intellectual and he analyzed Master Wang's teachings very carefully. But following the requirements of opening up the SHO, he practiced step by step on each obstacle. For example, he began by practicing the length of a sitting session, when he started sitting, he couldn't sit for too long. However, in order to recover from the injuries and improve his health he endured the all the pains that came from sitting and not long afterward, he was able to sit continuously for two hours and he did it two three times a day. Then he practice on the sitting postures, from natural cross legged to half lotus and then to full lotus. Then he worked on his line of essence, from "Heaven", "Eye" and "Opening" to construct the line of essence. When he pull on his line of essence, his wife would move a stick very lightly in front of him and he was able to feel the motion, this showed that his line of essence had opened. He worked very hard on the five elements. He also practice extracting bone marrow on his own, and then one day, whenever he extracted, something would come up. In conclusion, the old gentleman has completely mastered the techniques. The first day in that seminar, which was also the anniversary since he started learning from Master Wang, due to his strong foundation and the strong qi field in the seminar, he was able to open up the SHO.

Quote: In August 1995, I learned directly from Master Wang in Shanghai the whole process of opening up the Channel SHO. This gave me a much clearer picture of the process. Roughly speaking there are 4 ingredients:

(1) An intensive 15 days of continuous training to ensure the students can steadily increases their energy level.

(2) Intensive five element practice to "dissolve" the internal organs. This is the core of increasing the energy level.

(3) Daoyin must be focused, flexible and strategic so that when the opportunity was seized when it arised.

(4) The student must be able to sit for two hours continuously, at least in half lotus, at minimum.

Quote: two students who opened up the Channel SHO had the following features: one of them practiced extremely hard, he could sit in full lotus for 2 hours, he had done really well to accumulate internal qi, as long as the method was right, it's impossible for him to miss it. Another was a youngster who had super endurance, he could sit in full lotus perfectly still for 2 hours. When the body stayed still, the shen is focused and qi will be created, after an extended period of time, opening up the SHO is the natural conclusion.

Mr. Zhou, he could only sit crossed-leg in the first seminar, this time he could sit in half-lotus for 2 hours and full-lotus for 1 hour. He could see closed eyes things that happened inside and outside his body.

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