"The far side single-panel comic by Gary Larson" - "Comedy Comic" Generated by DALL-E2

I believe that "Computational Comedy" is a far more effective benchmark than things like the turing test.

My quote on this topic from the MIT book "Collective Wisdom: Co-Creating Media within Communities, across Disciplines & with Algorithms", chapter on Media co-creation with non-human systems:

"a defining human characteristic. Comedy is very complex, much more complex than, let's say, painting or visual art, and so forth. There's temporality to it, you need to have historical embedding, sometimes, to understand a joke, you need to have cultural understanding, and so forth. It's a beautiful thing."

Here some "The far side" comics created by the human Gary Larson

Ultimately comedy is in the eye of the beholder, which is the beauty and deep magic of it.

“Jesus as a guest star on a 1980s police drama” - Generated with Stable Diffusion

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