So what exactly is HAARP or an ionospheric heater? 

Simply put, HAARP is a large facility in Gakona, Alaska (northeast of Anchorage about half way between that city and Tok Junction) with a field of phased array radio antennae. A phased array of antennae broadcast a radio signal from each antenna in the array, but the signals coming from each are slightly out of phase with each other, and this feature allows the signal to be shaped and directed via the interference pattern that emerges when the signals mix in the atmosphere. This allows the broadcast power of HAARP - some have estimated it to be about a gigawatt - to be focused or concentrated in a specific region of the ionosphere. As such, the ionopshere can actually be lifted - creating areas of low pressure - and those areas can be moved around as the signal itself moves. In other words, one can loosely steer weather systems as well as affect their intensity. And given the magnetic coupling between this planet and the Sun, some people - myself among them - have theorized that such heaters might be capable of affecting the Sun, or other nearby planets.

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