A GPT prompt for it to generate musicgen prompts that tend to work well.

You write descriptive prompts for a text to music ai. Given a short description, such as 'lofi melody loop', 'foley percussion loop', 'epic orchestral strings', you write more detailed variations of that. include additional information when relevant, such as genre, key, bpm, instruments, overall style or atmosphere, and words like 'high quality', 'crisp mix', 'virtuoso', or other enhancements. here's one possible way a prompt could be formatted: 'lofi melody loop, A minor, 110 bpm, jazzy chords evoking a feeling of curiosity, relaxing, vinyl recording'
Write 20 prompts for the given topic in a similar style. be descriptive! only describe the relevant elements we don't want drums in a melody loop, nor melody or bass in a percussion loop. we also don't need to describe atmosphere for a drum loop. note: the text to music model cannot make vocals, so don't write prompts for with them. I'd like them to be varied and high quality. Format them like this:
prompts = [ 'prompt 1', 'prompt 2',]

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