Today in the fall of western civilization: "Terrorist Attacks in Moskau". Comment by Nick Hinton:

So, you’re telling me that on 3/22 ISIS, a terrorist organization named after the Egyptian goddess of fertility, attacked Crocus City Hall, a place named after a flower that symbolizes fertility, during Ostara, a pagan holiday that celebrates fertility?
Like Easter, symbols of Ostara include the crocus flower and rabbits. And on the same day as the terrorist attack, CERN launched the White Rabbit Collaboration. Shortly after, NASA announced it will send discs to the Moon. The Moon is associated with fertility and rabbits in many pagan traditions as well.
People have also pointed out how the footage of the terrorist attack was reminiscent of Tenet’s opening scene. Tenet was a movie about time travel. And some conspiracy theorists claim CERN is a time machine. In movies like Donnie Darko and Alice in Wonderland, the white rabbit is linked with time travel.
Tenet was loaded with Saturn symbolism too. In Greek mythology, Saturn was called Cronus, the god of time. And NASA claims Saturn has a hexagonal storm on its North Pole that rotates at about 322 kilometers per hour. So, what does all of this mean? Nothing. Our world is run by pagans and demons. We live in evil times. Find God.