MIC 2018 - Kenneth Stanley's Closing Keynote. #ALife #ML

"We are going to automate all things, so you don't need to know as much - thats the standard narrative and nice. But there are other, more intriguing narratives: Let's harness the fact that we are all machine learning researchers, and just don't know it." - @kenneth0stanley
"Imagine if you could generate every possible robot morphology and walking gates, all at once - in a single run of an algorithm - more than you would ever want to see. Just design everything for me, all at once. Design every genre of music - the longer i run, the more genres i get. Just think about what you could do with algorithms like this. It would be fascinating and very useful.
We sometimes call them repertoire collecting algorithms: They are not trying to solve something, they are collecting repertoire of capabilities that eventually you can use for all kinds of things. Openendedness is front and center for me." 
- @kenneth0stanley