Neurorobotics—A Thriving Community and a Promising Pathway Toward Intelligent Cognitive Robots: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fnbot.2018.00042/full 

Neurorobots are robots whose control has been modeled after some aspect of the brain. Since the brain is so closely coupled to the body and situated in the environment, Neurorobots can be a powerful tool for studying neural function in a holistic fashion. It may also be a means to develop autonomous systems that have some level of biological intelligence. The present article provides my perspective on this field, points out some of the landmark events, and discusses its future potential.

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"When I was at the Neurosciences Institute, Edelman would sometimes ask our group “If I held a gun to your head and asked you what is the most important feature of the brain, what would be your answer?” Eugene Izhikevich, who was my co-worker at the time answered the neuron. My answer was always anatomy."