Twitter removes tweets by Brazil, Venezuela presidents for violating COVID-19 content rules

#Comment: Earlier today, Twitter deleted Bolsonaro tweets.

 Yesterday, Facebook deleted the Brazilian president’s video because it contained disinformation.

This is a defining moment: companies willing to shut down  "disinfo" from world leaders if they have the World Health Organization to back them up on what counts as harmful. A highly comedic development, given the WHO is a deeply corrupt organisation under the control of few cryptocrats.

Ultimately, this is just yet another distraction from the main show: The collapse of the pax americana global petrodollar empire of mass consumer capitalism - which is desperately trying to save itself with ever more violent full spectrum dominance tactics against everybody (from psyops and economic warfare to assassination and nuclear escalation). The  corona plandemic won't change the course of this collapse, likely even accelerate it.

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