Intel is using A.I. to build smell-o-vision chips (Intel, 2020)

Smell-O-Vision machines of the past

With machine learning, Loihi can recognize hazardous chemicals “in the presence of significant noise and occlusion,” Intel said, suggesting the chip can be used in the real world where smells — such as perfumes, food, and other odors — are often found in the same area as a harmful chemical. Machine learning trained Loihi to learn and identify each hazardous odor with just a single sample, and learning a new smell didn’t disrupt previously learned scents. Intel claims Loihi can learn 10 different odors right now.

How smell, emotion, and memory are intertwined, and exploited (Harvard, 2020)

Researchers explore how certain scents often elicit specific emotions and memories in people, and how marking companies are manipulating the link for branding.

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