systemd, 10 years later: a historical and technical retrospective

"Despite the age of the homesteading hobbyist making a substantial difference long being over, the image still persists. The communitarian ethos of free software can never be fully wiped from the DNA of GNU/Linux, but it can be increasingly relegated to an irrelevant curiosity. The likes of Richard Stallman, GNU and the FSF are seen more and more as an embarrassment to be overcome in favor of a more “professional” and “inclusive” scene, which will in all likelihood mean professionally showing the user their place as a data entry within the panopticon, not a free and independent yeoman as the admittedly utopian pipe dream envisioned."

"The professionals are doomed in all their vainglory to be perpetually embarking on the Sisyphean task of a unified and integrated Linux ecosystem, even if it means turning the kernel into a runtime for the BPF virtual machine, or making a Rube Goldberg machine of build and deployment pipelines, as appears to be the most recent trend. The hobbyists are doomed to shout in the void with no one to hear them. In this tragedy the only victor is chaos and discord itself, which disguises itself as “progress.” All that is guaranteed is permanent revolution through constant reinvention, where by revolution we mean running around in circles. The suits and ties have forgotten what it was to be Yippies, and for their part the Yippies are fools who are had by ideas, rather than having ideas."

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