The Syndicate's Controlled Demolition

Since 2008, the global capitalist elites (the syndicate) silently pulled upwards of 100 trillion dollars out of the "real" economy into more "secure" vehicles: Offshore havens, Real-estate (buying entire cities), take-over of industries and massive privatization of public infrastructure and resources. Simultaneously, the central banks around the planet created money at an unprecedented rate, making the syndicate exponentially more rich - simply doing nothing. After a decade of this scheme, the next risk management "challenge" has come into focus: There are trillions of dollars of liabilities in the "real" economy, which the syndicate wants to detach itself from: Pensions, Insurances, Loans, Social Safety-Nets et cetera. So what to do? Historically, a controlled demolition of the economy is a effective solution: Through manufactured wars, civil wars and general chaos, the bottom 80% of the economy crashes into a highly depressed state. Inevitably, institutions collapse and liabilities magically evaporate. And while everybody is distracted and hurting, new totalitarian control structures are installed and power is consolidated in the same old hands.

#Cryptocracy #Economics