10 guiding principles for Tai Chi by T. T. Liang (1900 – 2002)

T. T. Liang (1900 – 2002) gives a talk on his 10 guiding principles for Tai Chi from his book “T’ai Chi Ch’uan for Health and Self-Defense”. This was filmed at the annual Zhang San Feng festival when he was 96 years old. T. T. Liang was a popular Tai Ch teacher in the United States. He was a senior disciple of the famous Cheng Man Ching, as well he studied with various teachers. After moving to the United States from Taiwan in 1964, he had taught Tai Chi for many years in Boston. When T.T. Liang retired from teaching at his school in Boston, he moved to St. Cloud, Minnesota in 1981 where he continued to teach.

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