Was asked by a journalist to comment on the "National Commission on Artificial Intelligence report" that was just released. Responded with the following remarks:

Nothing new under the sun, the military industrial complex is still totally out of control and war is still the name of the game. "AI weapons" and killer robots add just yet another layer of deadly bullshit on top. It's brutal insanity and everyone knows it, yet think tank staffers from DC to Beijing keep assuring us it's "progress and necessary". A real discussion around "how AI can help to promote peace globally" is what is truly required - but you certainly won't find it on the agenda of pentagon operatives or intelligence agency billionaires like the Eric Schmidt's of the world.

The article is live here: U.S. is ‘not prepared to defend or compete in the A.I. era,’ says expert group chaired by Eric Schmidt (CNBC)

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