"How to shift language from me to others" - Effective Communication Tips - by Robin Dreeke

1. Seek their thoughts and opinions, rather giving them yours.
2. Talk in-terms of whats important to them, and their priories - instead of yours.
3. Validate them with out judging them. Have none judgmental curiosity about who they are.
4. Empower them with choices.

"You can't achieve anything in life alone. It requires good healthy strong relationships. And those relationships are forged on trust. And trust is forged from great interpersonal communication skills. Where you are talking in terms of the other person, your being fully transparent, honest and trustworthy." - Robin Dreeke

Ten Techniques for Quickly Building Trust With Anyone - by Robin Dreeke

1. Establishing Artificial Time Constraints
2. Accommodating Nonverbals
3. Slower Rate of Speech
4. Sympathy or Assistance Theme
5. Ego Suspension
6. Validate Others (techniques: Listening, Thoughtfulness, Validate Thoughts & Opinions.)
7. Ask … How? When? Why?
8. Connect with Quid Pro Quo
9. Gift Giving
10. Manage Expectations

6 Steps for Predicting People’s Behavior - by Robin Dreeke

1. Vesting: Does this person believe they will benefit from your success?
2. Longevity: Does this person think they will have a long relationship with you?
3. Reliability: Can this person do what they say they will? And will they?
4. Actions: Does this person consistently demonstrate patterns of positive behavior?
5. Language: Does this person know how to communicate in a positive way?
6. Stability: Does this person consistently demonstrate emotional maturity, self-awareness, and social skills?

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