The draft EU AI Regulation was leaked today - was asked to comment on this for a CNBC piece

#Comment: In the global race for A.I talent and capabilities, the EU is today clearly far behind China and the US. I find it rather difficult to understand how the introduction of highly complex, highbrow AI regulations in a niche market, will have any real impact on the development of "AI" globally. Further, i wonder how the EU's plans can be practically enforced, given that they constantly and catastrophically fail to regulate far "simpler" things, such as finance or tech-giants. Finally, i wonder why they choose to regulate an abstract concept such as "AI" instead of an applied technology like "machine learning" or it's specific applications? As the famous mathematician Paul Dirac once said "There are two main problems in A.I: What is A and what is I". Or as Edsger Dijkstra, one of Europe's greatest computer scientists, once said: "Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes".

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