120 years later: same agenda, same people.

This years G7 event in Cornwall was all around a "wholesome" affair. Here is a picture of one of the attendees - Stanley Johnson (Father of Boris Johnson) participating in a peculiar ritual with the fine people of "Extinction Rebellion" (presumably a UK intelligence agency psyops). Just as refresher, Papa Johnson is a life-long die-hard Malthusian and the author of "life-affirming" books such as "Virus" (1982), "The Population problem" (1973) & "Life without Birth" (1970).

When asked in a 2011 interview what the ideal population amount for the UK is, he replied "oh Britain, i put it at 10 or 15million, i think that would be absolutely fine". This perspective on population is most likely shared by his clown son (the current UK PM) and the elitist "leadership" around him.

Ultimately, these people, institutions and ideas are all tethering on irrelevance and its very likely more productive to focus elsewhere - but its still fun to comment on the growing insanity of it all...

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