Sun Bu'er (c. 1119–1182 C.E.)

One of the Taoist Seven Masters of Quanzhen in the Shandong province of China. She was a beautiful, intelligent, wealthy woman, married with three children. At the age of 51 she took up the study of the Dao and herself became a disciple of Wang Chongyang, serving as a Taoist priestess. She eventually left her home and traveled to the city of Luoyang where after twelve years of practice, at Fengxiangu cave, she attained the Dao and, it is said, became an immortal. Sun was a teacher with several disciples, founding the Purity and Tranquility School, and wrote many poems.

Poems by Sun Bu'er

"Tie up the tiger and return it to the true lair; Bridle the dragon and gradually increase the elixir. Nature should be as clear as water, Mind should be as still as a mountain. Turning the breath, gather it into the gold crucible; Stabilizing the spirit, guard the jade pass. If you can increase the grain of rice day by day, You will be rejuvenated."

 - Sun Bu'er

"Cut brambles long enough, Sprout after sprout, And the lotus will bloom Of its own accord: Already waiting in the clearing, The single image of light. The day you see this, That day you will become it." - Sun Bu'er

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