RFK Jr.: CIA-led 'Military Response' to Pandemic Was Meant to Drive Democracy From the World and Usher in Global Totalitarianism - By Leo Hohmann, Brannon Howse (November, 2021)

A seminal moment took place in the year 2000 when Bill Gates called Fauci to his mansion outside of Seattle. "They shook hands in the living room of his $87 million mansion, and they shook hands for a partnership to vaccinate the whole world by the year 2020," Kennedy said. "And they worked with the intelligence agencies and the Pentagon to make that happen." It was later discovered that the anthrax had originated from U.S. military laboratories. Nixon signed a bioweapons security treaty in 1972, which made it illegal to do any kind of experimentation or storing of biological weapons. "But the CIA continued to do it illegally, funding it through USAID," Kennedy said.

"Who was in attendance at the Event 201 simulation? Silicon Valley's Big Tech giants all had representatives there, as did Big Pharma, Bloomberg News, NBC and the Washington Post. The head of the Chinese CDC was there, as was the Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations World Health Organization, and Avril Haines of the CIA. "The two hosts were Bill Gates and Avril Haines, former deputy director of CIA and who is now Biden's director of national intelligence. She is the nation's top spy," Kennedy said. "Which is bizarre. And it's bizarre that the CIA was at this conference."

That means the entire constitutional process of how laws are enacted, the entire American system of separation of powers and checks and balances, has been bypassed compliments of Covid and a CIA/military psy-op,

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