Charaka and Suśruta replaces the Hippocratic oath in India

National medical commission on India has given orders to Medical Colleges in India to replace the Hippocratic oath with "Maharishi Charaka shapath". Now Modern Medicine Doctors will be taking the oath in the name of the Father of Ayurveda. Additionally, Students face "compulsory 10 days of yoga  for one hour per day" and Yoga is going to help allay depression and suicidal tendencies.

Comment by Joe Agneya: Charaka & Suśruta has direct contributions to modern medicine-Variolation, Cataract extraction etc Charaka was translated & studied in Arabic & Latin. Why must Indians honor Hippocrates? Decolonization needs change of heroes & scientific independence.

Comment by Vakibs: Charaka Samhita is also the first clear formulation of the scientific method, anywhere in the world. One cannot get a better antecedent to “evidence based medicine”. [...] The first clear enunciation of scientific method was in Ayurvedic texts: termed as "Yukti". It is a better formulation as it takes care of the bias from language. Europe just copied wholesale a lot of science & maths from India. Bullshit about inventing the "scientific method"

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