Start with yourself

‘We are as a collective coming out of a consciousness cycle that was based on power-over/power-under control systems. Meaning certain groups positioned as authority, created a reality that enslaved people’s mindset and behavior through pre-emptive subconscious programming. This subconscious programming is pre-emptive because it requires massive amounts of life force, creative fuel in order to manifest the future reality that the control groups want to see happen. In other words, your energy unknowingly creates the new timeline. It’s pre-emptive because the ideas are fed to you subconsciously through movies, news, media, in a way that makes you think about this new reality before it happens, so that your thoughts bring it to life. The whole time you’re just thinking you’re watching a movie about robots. Focus your energy. It’s a powerful tool that has been siphoned for so long. Learn how to direct your thoughts, ideas, emotions and creative energy on outcomes that support the highest and best for all concerned. Time to be in your sovereignty.’ – Maryam Hasnaa

(quote found via bambalouni) #Mindful #Health #Philosophy