How the Physics of Nothing Underlies Everything - "The key to understanding the origin and fate of the universe may be a more complete understanding of the vacuum."

Just to add the appropriate a pinch of humor to this very serious and very scientific topic:

Shi Yong Xin - Abbot of the famous Shaolin Temple - in an interview he gave to the Xinhua News Agency in China: "Monks Can Enter Outer Space through Practice and Aliens Exist":

"It is a Buddhist belief that there exists (throughout the universe) many different worlds, each containing a number of different forms of alien life – all of which are essentially empty and existing within space. As a monk directly realises this empty state at all times, in theory there is nowhere he could not go." - "Empty space can be penetrated and understood through the cultivation of the mind – here and now – and physically experienced as the body transmigrates throughout the universe and the six realms of rebirth."

Image from "Museum of Alien Studies" that does "Alien Divination".

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